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  • Join us October 30 for NELI's Executive Leadership Exchange.

    Imagine yourself Leading Beyond the Lines. Now, give us one day to show you how.

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  • Learn and Lead             in Good Company.

    Exchanging the best ideas in leadership with NELI’s forward-thinking members is a sure way to build your knowledge and capacity.

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  • Win at Talent Management.

    Partnering with NELI helps your organization create and engage a strong leadership bench.

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  • Build a Strong Leadership Brand.

    Alignment with NELI increases your visibility and brands your organization as a great place to lead.

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  • Cultivate the Right Relationships.

    Connections build relationships. Relationships create opportunities. NELI helps you develop all three.

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Welcome to NELI—the professional network for Leaders in Forward Thinking. We connect and cultivate leaders who create the future and curate opportunities for them to learn and lead. Join us to exchange the best ideas in leadership. NELI helps leaders discover their highest potential.

Three ways we help your organization achieve its talent management goals . . .

Develop Leadership

Cultivate your organization’s high-potential talent.

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Recognize Leadership

Honor those who achieve your
organization’s highest priorities.

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Retain Leadership

Leverage your high-
performance leaders longer.

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Tiffany Dufu
Chief Leadership Officer
Levo League

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George F. Cleveland
Assistant Vice President, AT&T Mobility Customer Solution Centers
AT&T, Inc.


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NELILeadership It's the final week to register for NELI's Executive Leadership Exchange on Oct 30. No limits leadership! #ELE2014 http://t.co/B0h9MMiOQ7
NELILeadership NELI's Executive Leadership Exchange is Just Two Weeks Away! - http://t.co/pJgXulGdNj
NELILeadership NELI's Executive Leadership Exchange is Just Two Weeks Away! - http://t.co/M2N90lsiRc
NELILeadership No Limits Leadership! We're Leading Beyond the Lines of Limitation in less than 30 days! Register today. #ELE2014 http://t.co/1szbl5s8eB
NELILeadership Revive Your Leadership at NELI's Executive Leadership Exchange. Registration now open! #ELE2014 http://t.co/6i3WKp14SD

Our mission is to help you lead well. If you're on a path to harness your creativity, cultivate your network, exchange ideas, and launch the future, we have good news. You have arrived. 





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