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About this Event


Corporate Bound Academy is a four-day leadership challenge for forward thinking college students. The Academy is designed for students in all majors but encourages an interest in careers that leverage degrees in STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The immersive environment enables participants to learn by doing. Students exchange ideas and grasp new concepts that influence the future and accelerate individual development.

Corporate Bound Academy offers a 3-part curriculum delivered during an exhilarating 4-day exchange. Students connect with peers and professionals during the Academy’s Learning Modules, Leadership Challenges, and Inside Corporate America.

The Learning Modules are designed to develop leadership attributes that enable effectiveness within an organization (i.e., communication/interpersonal skills, ability to work well within a team, analytical and problem-solving skills and work ethic).

The Leadership Challenges are designed to stimulate innovation by challenging students to create original concepts that expand the use of technology, science, engineering, and math. Students work in onsite design teams to develop concepts and recommendations that improve current technologies.

Inside Corporate America is designed to stimulate thought with respect to the range of unique career opportunities available to STEM majors. STEM professionals and employers introduce career options available within their companies and industries and illustrate the path to success for new hires.




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