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About this Site

NELI curates content that delivers the best ideas in leadership. We then partner with world-class leaders and institutions to deliver content live at the Executive Leadership Exchange and here, online in our Learning Exchange. Both venues facilitate active learning by leveraging the collective intelligence of our audience.

We encourage you to become a member of this site and Join the Network in order to maximize the exchange of ideas initiated by site content.  With shared knowledge, you get more insight in less time.

Content Licensing

Content on this site is currently offered free of charge.  NELI establishes content licensing agreements with some of the most respected sites on the web.  These partnerships enable us to consolidate rich content (video, audio, and written) into one, convenient resource that connects and cultivates leaders in forward thinking. 

Specific rights licensed to NELI, the authorized purposes, the licensing fee or royalty applicable and the various warranties of both parties with regard to ownership of the content are unique to each agreement.




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