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Why Attend: NELI's Executive Leadership Exchange

Manage Your Brand and Influence the Future

Your time is valuable. We understand that when you attend an off-site meeting, you expect to walk away with actionable insights and practical plans that increase your ability to drive business results and plan your future. That's why we frequently check in with past attendees to ensure we stay updated on your leadership goals and challenges—both professionally and personally—so that we continue to curate meaningful content that helps you lead well. This year, we're challenging you to Lead Beyond the Lines

Key Takeaways: Leading Beyond the Lines

What does it mean to Lead Beyond the Lines?  We think it means no-limits leadership. It's leading beyond all odds and beyond some of your biggest challenges, like:  

              Failure to Launch. Do you have a pardiagm-shifting idea but can't see it past the starting line to launch?
              Cloudy Vision. Are the lines between your vision and its execution clouded and unaligned?
              Low Morale. Do you sense that your leadership performance is stuck below or behind preverbial lines?
              Retention Anxiety. Do you fear that your organization will lose talent to the growing lines of competition?

If any of this rings true for you, your sessions with Landon Taylor and Jane Walton will help.

With Landon, you'll learn The Wealth Triangle Formula to overcoming what he calls, The 7 Deadly Shackles—the enemies that prevent people and organizations from reaching their greatest potential and achieving true wealth. You'll also learn how to attract business and career opportunities instead of chasing them so that you're finally able to move beyond the lines.

With Jane, you'll answer the question, Why Are the Jellyfish Taking Over? and begin to view your organization as an evolving ecosystem; one in which you're able to elevate the performance needed to create and sustain a culture that retains fully engaged and inspired leaderhsip.

So, if you're ready to: 

              Release the '7 Deadly Shackles'  that keep you below the line and finally clarify your mission and realize your vision
              Stop letting the jellyfish take over so that your organization remains healthy, and you remain one of its essential thought leaders
            •    Exchange ideas accross company and industry lines so that you learn from peers with a variety of helpful viewpoints and experiences

Then you owe it to your future self to join us October 30, for NELI's Executive Leadership Exchange so go ahead, register now.




The Original Idea Exchange

For more than 20 years, we have found that being completely stimulated by new information, combined with the act of sharing knowledge with others, breeds the best environment for building upon existing ideas and creating new opportunities for success and growth. From the beginning, every conversation at the The Executive Leadership Exchange—the original idea exchange—has been designed to spur an exchange of ideas you won’t soon forget.

We hope you join us! 






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