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For Award Winners

Developing a strong leadership brand helps you become a person of influence inside your organization. It also boosts your visibility and enables you to gain well-deserved recognition for your contributions. Who doesn’t want to become known for the value they bring? Getting there requires you to deliver consistent messaging that matches your performance. It’s also a good idea to develop your network and join others on a path of continuous learning and improvement. We can help.

A way to stay connected to fellow NELI honorees

NELI curates content and programs that deliver the best ideas in leadership. We consolidate scores of leadership development resources to create key learning opportunities for you and your colleagues. We then partner with world-class leaders and institutions to deliver content live at the Executive Leadership Exchange and online in our Learning Exchange. Both venues facilitate active learning by leveraging the collective intelligence of our audience. With shared knowledge, you get more insight in less time.

Eagle Award Winners

Eagle Award Winners, NELI’s new virtual home enables you to maintain closer ties with fellow Eagles. No more vanishing classmates or missed opportunities. Your strongest leadership network is now expanding and available to you 24/7.

NELI Award Winners

NELI Award Winners, you now have an online resource in which to continue your commitment to stellar leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility. Join in to collaborate with other corporate members and continue to lead in good company.




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