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WellPoint, Inc.

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WellPointWellPoint, Inc.

Enhancing the effectiveness of corporate responsibility

WellPoint, Inc. is the nation’s largest health-benefits company in terms of medical membership, with 34 million members in its affiliated health plans, and a total of more than 70 million individuals served through its subsidiaries. The company strives to simplify the connection between health, care, and value — while improving the health of the people and communities it serves.

For several years, WellPoint’s Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Team and the WellPoint Social Responsibility Team each published an annual report. But, in 2010, they decided to take a different approach by producing a unified and interactive “Corporate Responsibility Report.” This came about in keeping with the WellPoint core value of “One Company, One Team” and a new organizational focus on “Continuous Improvement.”

“The goal of the online Corporate Responsibility Report was to provide an innovative reputation-management tool that was user friendly and customizable; it had to clearly demonstrate WellPoint’s holistic commitment to the people and communities we serve,” explains Linda Jimenez, vice president and Chief Diversity Officer for WellPoint.

Now WellPoint associates and external partners can easily see firsthand how all of the various corporate-responsibility efforts at WellPoint work together in a symbiotic way. That includes leadership, ethical business practices, associate engagement, diversity and inclusion initiatives, philanthropic and volunteer activities, and sustainability efforts. The report ensures that WellPoint’s external audience gets the specific information they seek, while the internal audience of 37,000 associates has complete information, highlighting the many contributions that they and their company help to make possible.

The project has been fully supported by senior leadership, too. WellPoint CEO Angela Braly demonstrated an early commitment to the longevity of the initiative, for example, by introducing the online report at a WellPoint Board of Directors meeting.

“This is a fresh approach,” Jimenez points out, “and an improved, more cohesive way to communicate the WellPoint story around our commitment to corporate responsibility. In organizations as big as ours, it is easy to have a narrow view of the work we do, and it’s sometimes hard to make connections among the different business areas. The Corporate Responsibility Report challenged us to think outside the box to find those connections and to build a ‘storyline’ that highlights the many internal efforts that ultimately have a positive effect on our associates, our communities, and our environment.”

The “Customize Your Report” function is one of the most unique features of the new report. This tool makes it possible, for instance, to view an interactive map that shows company giving and associate volunteerism by state. Viewers can also select the sections they are most interested in and download their own customized report. So, if associates want to learn more about volunteer opportunities, they are presented with a complete picture of all those various initiatives in one convenient, easy-to-navigate place.


CareerFOCUS Magazine™ and the National Eagle Leadership Institute® salute WellPoint — winner of the 2011 NELI Award honoring stellar leadership in corporate and social responsibility.

Interim Chief Executive Officer & President
John Cannon III

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