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Timeless Leadership for an Emerging Workforce

  • There Are More Than 450,000 Great Jobs Available Right Now . . . For the Right Candidate.
  • Do You Have What it takes to Land Your Dream Job?
  • Do You Have the Skills That Today's Progressive Employers Are Looking For?

You're a college student—preparing to lead the world—and you are the only one in control of your career preparation and success. Parents and professors may serve as advocates, but in today's marketplace, where individual performance is vital to beating out the competition, it's more important than ever to find creative ways to develop and demonstrate your personal leadership brand. In other words, don't wait for others to tell you what to do. Take the initiative to define what your success looks like and develop the skills and network you'll need to achieve it.

Enroll in the 2014 Corporate Bound AcademyTM and join us in Washington, DC. You'll be ready to take charge of your career and reach your highest potential.

You'll compete in real-life business challenges for a chance to . . .

  • Win scholarships
  • Nab an exciting and paid internship
  • Get hired on the spot
  • Meet an executive mentor, coach, or sponsor

You'll learn . . .

  • What recruiters look for in new hires
  • How to develop a strong external network and build strategic relationships
  • What leaders understand about the increased complexity of business
  • How business strategy, risk management, and finance interact
  • How CEOs conduct themselves

Here's what Corporate Bound Academy™ can help you do:

Explore Career Options:  The Corporate Bound AcademyTM Inside Corporate America sessions help you explore industries you may not have considered and show you how to combine your major and interests to create the career of your dreams.  Are you thinking out-of-the-box when it comes to your career?  Perhaps, you’re a business major but your interest is in science.  Think you can’t mix both? Think again.   The Academy will show you ways and inspire you to think about your chosen career differently.

Get Discovered:  The Corporate Bound AcademyTM Recruitment Expo features employers who are ready to interview and hire outstanding students who demonstrate the ability and desire to lead well.  Take a close look at the career opportunities that surround you. Does your network include the right people necessary to land you one of those opportunities?

Challenge Yourself:  The Corporate Bound AcademyTM Leadership Challenge will help you polish your presentation skills, identify your leadership strengths, shine in a team environment, and improve your decision-making abilities—each an important step to guiding the outcomes you achieve.  You’re already a game-changer. But when you become a professional, you’ll have to continually find innovative ways to advance your thinking, demonstrate value, and co-create solutions within a team. 

Establish Credibility:  The Corporate Bound AcademyTM Achievement Certificate, a well-recognized symbol of accomplishment among corporate recruiters, will help you validate your newly acquired leadership skills that set you apart from other candidates.

Develop your Leadership

Corporate Bound Academy develops insight essential to leading well. The experience will help you increase your profile across your organization and convey your distinctiveness as a leader.

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