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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the National Eagle Leadership Institute®?

    The National Eagle Leadership Institute® (NELI) is a professional network committed to promoting a higher standard of leadership in corporate business. NELI connects and cultivates forward-thinking leaders, encourages organizations to recognize, recruit, and retain culturally diverse professionals, and awards companies that demonstrate stellar leadership in corporate social responsibility. NELI Helps Leaders Discover Their Highest Potential.

  • What makes the Eagle Award significant?

    The Eagle Award is one of the highest accolades in professional leadership achievement. It symbolizes a higher standard of leadership and creates a collaborative network for its recipients — all of whom hold records of performance that inspire others to lead well.

  • How do past participants describe the experience?

    Recipients of the Eagle Award have compared the NELI Honors to the Academy Awards. Events leading up to the Gala — including NELI's Executive Leadership Exchange and Corporate Bound Academy™— encourage leadership development and promote opportunities to exchange ideas and best practices in individual and corporate leadership. According to past recipients, the most valuable return on receiving the Eagle Award is the opportunity to cultivate an extended professional network.

  • Who should be nominated for the Eagle Award?

    High-performing professionals who demonstrate consistent leadership achievement in their careers, and who exemplify a passion for their communities, should be nominated for the Eagle Award. Anyone who has made an outstanding contribution to his or her company while upholding the highest degree of integrity, is eligible for nomination. Nominees should have worked in their career field for at least two consecutive years, and anticipate continued professional development within their nominating company/organization. Nominees should associate with one of the following ethnic groups: African-American/Black, Asian/Island Pacific, Hispanic/Latino or Native American.

  • What position or title characterizes most Eagle Award nominees?

    Nominees generate from a wide spectrum of disciplines and industries. Often, one's title depends on the company's internal hierarchy or flow chart. Our selection committee acknowledges that a director in one company may have the same responsibilities as a vice president in another. Most nominees are vice presidents. Many are senior and executive vice presidents, division presidents, partners, and GMs. Apart from one's title, your nominee should be accountable for a team of individuals, projects, and budgetary input that enhances your company's core business.

  • Who typically submits the nomination on the company's behalf?

    Nominations are generally submitted by the company's chairman, president or CEO. The nominator should be a chief executive within your organization's C-suite with first-hand knowledge of the nominee's leadership acheivements and authority to sanction your company's involvement in the program. Also, the nominator should be available to help present your nominee at the NELI Honors.

  • How many nominations may my company submit?

    One. NELI will consider only one nomination per company per year."

  • How many winners are selected each year?

    The number varies depending on the recommendation of the selection committee. The average class size is 20.

  • Who evaluates the nominations?

    NELI screens the nominations internally before sending them to an external selection committee. The committee is comprised of NELI's Eagle Advisory Board members— all of whom are previous Eagle Award winners.

  • What does the selection committee look for in their evaluation?

    The committee seeks evidence of unsurpassed corporate leadership balanced with a strong personal commitment to community service. Evidence of high integrity is heavily weighed. Also, nominees who have triumphed over adversity — and are willing to share their stories as motivational tools for others — make impressive candidates.

  • When can the nominee expect to hear from NELI regarding selection?

    NELI acknowledges each nomination upon receipt. Winner notification is sent to each nominee and their nominator within 30 days after the submission deadline.

  • May we resubmit a nomination for a candidate who did not receive the award in a previous year?

    Yes, as long as your nominee meets the eligibility requirements and was not disqualified for any reason.

  • What constitutes disqualification?

    A nominee who does not classify him or herself as belonging to an ethic group within NELI's primary demographic audience (African-American/Black, Asian/Island Pacific, Hispanic/Latino and Native American) may be disqualified for the Eagle Award. Other common disqualifications include, nominations received past the deadline, self-nominations, nominations from retired or unemployed persons, nominations without proper signatures, and those without an official letter of nomination. NELI reserves the right to refuse or disqualify nominations at its discretion.

  • Does it cost my company to nominate?

    No. There is no nomination fee. However, your company will incur costs if your nominee is selected to receive the Eagle Award. Such costs include a $3,000 initiation dues, and:

    • Video Production: NELI may ask your company to produce and submit video footage of the Eagle Award winner and nominator for use during the awards presentation.

    • Program Participation Fees: NELI does not offer payment provisions for program attendance. Each nominating company is financially responsible for their honoree's transportation and hotel accommodations for the NELI Award Honors and Leadership Summit. Costs incurred by additional guests, including the Summit registration fee, are the responsibility of the nominee or his/her company.

    • Sponsorship: Your company will have the opportunity to sponsor the NELI Honors. Customized investment options range from a $10,000 table to complete underwriting. For sponsorship details, please contact N. Michelle Webb at 913.317.2888 or via email.

  • What time and attendance commitment is required for the honoree?

    In addition to attending The NELI Honors, Eagle Award winners must also be present for NELI's 3-½ -day Leadership Summit so please carefully consider the program dates before submitting your nomination. The Leadership Summit and Honors take place together during the same week.

    Winners should also plan to attend next year's Eagle Advisory Board Midyear Meeting, usually scheduled in the spring. Dates and location are to be determined.

  • What does the class project involve?

    Each class of Eagle Award winners collaborates to complete a class service project that often supports NELI's goal of developing future generations of leaders. This year's project will take place along with the Leadership Summit and NELI Honors in Washington, D.C., September 9-12, 2014. 

    Look for details once this year's winners are announced and the Board determines where the class' contribution will deliver the greatest impact.

  • How often does the Eagle Advisory Board meet?

    NELI schedules two face-to-face meetings in which classes connect and provide counsel as part of NELI's Eagle Advisory Board. The first is during NELI's Leadership Summit & Honors. The second meeting is during the annual Eagle Advisory Board Midyear Meeting. Additional meetings via conference call are scheduled on an as needed basis.

  • How does one become a member of NELI?

    We invite you to visit and join the network. Membership in our online community is free and open to anyone who wants to lead well. General, paid membership is available to professionals who wish to receive regular updates, access to the network and programming discounts. Other membership categories include corporate membership, college/university membership, and Eagle Advisory Board membership (reserved for Eagle Award winners). All Eagle Award winners are automatically appointed to the Eagle Advisory Board upon receipt of the award.

  • Is NELI affiliated with any other not-for-profit organization?

    No. NELI operates autonomously, with support from corporate partners. However, the Institute does form strategic partnerships with content providers and other professional organizations in the presentation of events.

  • How can we reach you if we have additional questions?

    Feel free to email us or call 913.317.2888 when we may be of further assistance.




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