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For Employers

Cultivating leaders throughout your organization requires a diverse approach and an abundant pool of resources. If you happen to be charged with identifying talent development solutions, you know all too well that untangling your options can be a daunting and time consuming task. We can help.

A collaborative way to develop talent

NELI curates content and programs that deliver the best ideas in leadership. We consolidate scores of leadership development resources to create key learning opportunities for high-potential leaders. We then partner with world-class leaders and institutions to deliver content live at the Executive Leadership Exchange and online in our Learning Exchange. Both venues facilitate active learning by leveraging the collective intelligence of our audience. With shared knowledge, you get more insight in less time.

Develop & Retain Leaders

NELI’s Executive Leadership Exchange helps your leaders accomplish productive work toward your organization’s goals and increases the odds that they’ll stick around to leverage the results.

Recognize Leaders

NELI’s Eagle Award provides individual public recognition for outstanding leadership and adds value to your employee engagement and retention strategy. Nominate one of your company's most admired leaders. 




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