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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the National Eagle Leadership Institute®?

    The National Eagle Leadership Institute® (NELI) is a professional network committed to promoting a higher standard of leadership in business. NELI connects and cultivates forward-thinking leaders, encourages organizations to recognize, recruit, and retain culturally diverse professionals, and awards companies that demonstrate stellar leadership in corporate social responsibility. NELI Helps Leaders Discover Their Highest Potential.

  • What makes the NELI Award significant?

    The NELI Award salutes stellar leadership in corporate and social responsibility. No matter the industry, as long as your company demonstrates a commitment to CSR, you are eligible for the NELI Award. The interdisciplinary nature of this award provides a rare opportunity to salute and exchange best practices across industry lines. It's the kind of award that helps you build and sustain trust among your employees, customers and suppliers. And it's the kind of award that inspires us all to lead well.

  • Who typically submits the nomination on their company’s behalf?

    While this may vary, an officer in Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity Inclusion, Corporate Communications, or Corporate Affairs typically submits the nomination. In some cases, the nomination is managed by an agency of record working on behalf of the nominated company. In any event, the person or department putting forth the nomination works closely with the organization’s President, Chairman, or CEO as this person must both sanction and accept the award.

  • How many initiatives may we submit for consideration?

    Choose just one. NELI will consider one initiative per company per year.

  • May we submit a nomination if our company has previously received the NELI Award?

    Yes. However, you should either submit a different initiative or clearly demonstrate how the original initiative has been enhanced since its original submission.

  • How many winners are selected each year?

    The number varies from 1 – 25 depending on the recommendation of the selection committee.

  • Who evaluates the nominations?

    Nominations are screened and evaluated by NELI’s Board of Directors and past NELI Award recipients.

  • When can the nominee expect to hear from NELI regarding selection?

    NELI acknowledges each nomination upon receipt. Winner notification is sent to each nominee within 30 days after the submission deadline.

  • Does it cost my company to nominate?

    No. There is no nomination fee. However, your company will incur costs if selected to receive the NELI Award. Such costs include a $3,000 corporate membership dues, and:

    • Video Production: Each honoree will be asked to submit video footage according to production guidelines provided to the winners upon notification of award. Footage will be edited by NELI and shared at The NELI Honors.

    • Program Participation: NELI does not offer compensation for program attendance. Each honoree is responsible for transportation and accommodation fees incurred while accepting the NELI Award.

    • Sponsorship: After the winners are notified, your company will be invited to sponsor The NELI Honors. Customized investment packages range from a $10,000 table to complete underwriting. For sponsorship details, contact N. Michelle Webb at 913.317.2888 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • What should we know about NELI’s corporate membership?

    Upon receipt of the NELI Award, honorees are appointed to NELI’s Council on Corporate Leadership and Responsibility. Each company is represented by its CEO (or designated executive) and pays annual membership dues of $3,000.

    The Council assembles C-suite executives to identify excellence in corporate leadership and responsibility. Members exchange best-practice ideas and foster advanced research for sustainable leadership development and effective corporate-responsibility initiatives. The collaboration provides an educational venue for its members and encourages action on issues that are important to the companies they each represent.

    The Council convenes annually (once per year) during NELI’s Leadership Summit & Honors. The meeting is a one-day commitment. Additional correspondence takes place electronically.

  • How does one become a member of NELI?

    We invite you to visit and join the network. Membership in our online community is free and open to anyone who desires to lead well. General, paid membership is available to professionals who wish to receive regular updates, access to the network and programming discounts. Other membership categories include corporate membership, college/university membership, and NELI Advisory Board membership (reserved for Eagle Award winners). All Eagle Award winners are automatically appointed to the Eagle Advisory Board upon receipt of the award.

  • Is NELI affiliated with any other not-for-profit organization?

    No. NELI operates autonomously, with support from corporate partners. However, the Institute does form strategic alliances with expert content providers and other professional organizations in the presentation of leadership development forums.

  • Will the contents of our nomination remain confidential?

    Yes, unless your company accepts the NELI Award. Details of winning initiatives are generally made public in the process of recognizing the winners and in an effort to exchange the best ideas in leadership. However, NELI is sensitive to proprietary information and will honor requests to protect specific details when the request is received in writing.

  • How can we get the particulars of the NELI Honors?

    The 2014 NELI Honors will be held on Friday, September 12, 2014, at The National Press Club in Washington, DC. The evening starts at 6:00 p.m. with a cocktail reception for the Award recipients; the program starts at 7:00 p.m. and concludes with the dinner and ending approximately 9:30 p.m. The attire is business/black tie.

  • How can we reach you if we have additional questions?

    Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 913.317.2888 when we may be of further assistance.




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