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Nominate your company, or one of its most admired leaders, and join us September 12 for the 22nd Annual NELI Honors at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Nominations are open until June 12.

The Eagle Award

One of America's Highest Accolades in Executive Leadership Achievement

The Eagle Award is one of corporate America's highest accolades in executive leadership achievement. It was launched in 1993 to recognize exceptional people who set a higher standard of leadership in their business and community endeavors.

This award-winning tribute is more than an individual award. It's a statement of your company's commitment to develop and retain a diverse and inclusive team of leaders. Also, it offers you the opportunity to salute men and women who LIFT — Lead in Forward Thinking — to sustain your organization's success with the highest degree of dignity, integrity, and honor.


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The NELI Award

Honoring Stellar Leadership in Corporate and Social Responsibility

The National Eagle Leadership Institute® (NELI) is committed to stellar leadership in all facets of business and community development. The NELI Award – presented annually during the NELI Honors – is a symbol of corporate leadership achievement. This prestigious corporate award is presented to CEOs and corporate entities that take responsibility for the impact of their initiatives.

NELI Award honorees strive to set the example for leadership in corporate and social responsibility – not just in business but in the world around them. They foster a culture of leadership that begins with the CEO and share in NELI’s mission to help their organizations reach its highest potential.

Categories for NELI Award Consideration

NELI will consider a broad range of corporate-responsibility initiatives and the individual leadership that champions execution. Nominate your company and/or its leaders in one or more of the following areas. You'll be asked to select a category on the nomination form.

                      CEO of the Year — honoring CEOs for comprehensive and stellar leadership that has help turn around or sustained the company’s market position, while maintaining a commitment to positive corporate responsibility.
                      New Faces of Leadership — honoring CEOs who are leading companies for the first time, yet have set a bold vision or have made significant contributions to the sustainability and forward development of the company. CEO must have been appointed within three (3) years of nomination.
                      Leadership Development and Advancement — honoring companies that make conscious decisions to provide leadership development and advancement opportunities for diverse professionals, while including recruitment, recognition, and retention of diverse professionals as an imperative of your company’s overall business culture.
                      Corporate & Social Responsibility — honoring companies that have developed partnerships that help strengthen the community through various initiatives, (e.g., economic, health, safety, educational, environmental and human rights initiatives).


Each submission will be evaluated against the following criteria:

Senior Leadership Support: Upper management should demonstrate a commitment to the initiative that permeates throughout the entire organization.

Employee Engagement: Mechanisms should exist to engage employees in the implementation and outcomes of the initiative.

Measureable Results and Accountability: There should be evidence to demonstrate and measure the impact on internal and external entities since the launch of the initiative.


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