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Why Attend


The best reason to attend Corporate Bound Academy is that you, and you only, are responsible for your future. And what you learn at the Academy will be the leadership foundation from which you’ll draw inspiration for a lifetime. Four other reasons to attend:

#1: Develop your leadership skills. You’ll have an opportunity to discover when and where you lead best, and to develop your strengths in those areas.

#2: Showcase your talents. Recruiters will be on hand to hear your ideas and see you in action.

#3: Expand your network. Experience rare opportunities to mingle with some of America’s highest-ranking executives, and perhaps, develop a great mentoring relationship.

#4: Understand the career marketplace. Companies will share exactly what and who they need to carry their organizations forward so that you know which skills to strengthen and how best to approach your career.

Who Should Attend:

  • College Students. The Academy is open to all college students. However, it’s focus is mostly on juniors and seniors who are near graduation and ready to accept employment opportunities within the next 6 - 12 months. The Academy’s participants major in an array of disciplines in a multitude of industry categories.

  • New Hires/Entry-level Employees. The Academy is an excellent and compatible resource for HR professionals to send their new hires and/or entry-level employees.




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